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We produce attractive and intelligent films that help you train your staff, keep your business running efficiently, help you to sell more, demonstrate your company’s products and capabilities,  keep your customers and shareholders informed, and ultimately help your business become more profitable

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Andy Price APP (Andy Price Productions)

Bob is a man at the peak of his abilities, there is not a moving pictorial vineyard in which he has not done his share of toil, without the aid of silver spoon or long high academic training. He is a lifelong enthusiast – from box brownie to full function laptop edit.

Since he has in his time been both shooter and cutter his ability to focus a team is a joy to watch. He is meticulous in matters of planning and logistics, which when not attended to, can waste your money.

His qualities mean that he is often in charge of some very large productions for significant companies, but there are other occasions when he can be ‘one man and his dog’, quite happy to pare crew and gear back to absolute essentials.

He has an informed single mindedness which means that a customer (and I speak as one) can move ahead safe in the knowledge that the work to be done will be done to the highest standard the budget allows.

Mike Fletcher, training manager CIS Ltd

I have worked with the Griffin Partnership in my capacity as a training manager with     Co-operative Insurance Society. We are extremely pleased with their work and have used them to produce a range of in-house videos, including:

– Training videos on a range of subjects
– Sales scenarios for supervisory competence assessment
– Incentive scheme ‘tasters’
– Speaker support for conferences
– Oscar-type profiles of top performing salespeople
– A dramatised introduction to Customer Relationship Management which was instrumental in persuading the CIS board to invest £30 million in the product

They have worked effectively with our sales director, with field staff at all levels and with operational managers in other parts of the organisation to produce consistently high quality, business-focused video presentations.

The Griffin Partnership is a valued supplier and one whom I would recommend to any business that is looking to produce quality visuals for internal or external consumption.

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among many others, we have successfully made films for

Ford, British Rail Engineering, Eurotunnel, BAe Systems (Eurofighter), Britax PSE, AE Piston Products, Audit CNC, Duracell, Gaist Solutions, SWEB, United Utilities, Nortel Networks, KPMG, Grant Thornton, CIS Insurance, Coop Bank, Royal Liver, Abbey, N&P, Bradford & Bingley, Halifax, Aldermore Bank, Hitachi Capital, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Tesco, Artisan Fires, CDC, Bill Plant, Evolution Power Tools, Contact the Elderly, The Pilgrim Trust, Altura, The Aged Care Channel, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, The Academy of St Martin’s in the Fields, Yorkshire Television, SKY, BBC.